Product Description

SpraySeal NS R200TM is an elastomeric coating for decks, roofs, metal surfaces and more. NS R200TM is weather resistant, waterproof, and also protects against corrosion. Eco-friendly and safe to use. NS R200TM is a highly versatile elastomeric coating that is cold-applied using a spray system. It can be used to cover a wide variety of surfaces both indoors and outdoors. With its unsurpassed ability to expand and contract, it can easily withstand all weather conditions.

Features & Benefits

  • NS R200TM coating can be used on almost any material, including concrete, wood, foam and metal.
  • This product serves a variety of purposes: waterproofing, corrosion protection and more.
  • It elongates up to 850%, with 98% recovery.
  • This durable product can withstand temperature changes and surface shifts without becoming cracked or strained.
  • The product self-heals if it is punctured
  • Environmentally friendly, and free of toxins and VOCs